Our Mission

Hope and Possibility

On behalf of Kindling House Psychotherapy (KHP), welcome! We are excited you have decided to join us and start work on a new journey, where you are committed to going deeper and reaching new heights. At KHP our charge is to leverage knowledge in such a way that fosters transformation and results in conscious action for a better, more fulfilling life (i.e. our Know, Be, Do philosophy). We look forward to sharing more about our vision, personal journey, and the services that we provide. More importantly, we are excited about the possibilities and thus, are eager to get started in assisting you with getting inspired, rejuvenated, re-engaged and back to the best version of you.

At KHP, we aim to empower people to live more fulfilling lives by bringing hope and possibility through individual, couples and family therapy.





From the earth to the pit are easily combustible small sticks or twigs used for starting a fire, but when applied to the human condition can be used to fire-up, stir up, awaken, ignite, inflame, arouse or excite feelings, passions, and wonders in such a way that what is possible is re-imagined; creating a state of wellness that illuminates the self and those around it.


A symbol of security, peace, familiarity, comfort, support, love and rejuvenation. We stand by our motto: “It’s our house. It’s your house. It’s Kindling House.”


The belief in what is not yet evident, but a deep understanding and knowing that life can somehow be better, more joyful and that the best version of you is possible. Not there yet? Well, we will believe it for you until you do.


Out of hope, it is the access to unlimited resources (treasures), alternatives, and choices that have the potential to provide a different result; better outcomes and a more fulfilling life.

Vanessa Pierre-Parker

Owner, Therapist

Meet the Therapist

Coming from a collectivist culture, where one values the needs of the group and community rather than that of the individual, Vanessa Pierre-Parker’s drive toward creating unity and harmony with others was, in essence, engrained in her as a little girl. Growing up in Haiti, her grandmother taught her that the relationship with members of the family and that of her community was extremely important, and that it would play a fundamental role in her maturing identity.

While that lesson was valued, she wanted to understand the meaning and importance of relationships a bit deeper, because she started to realize that though important, not all of those relationships were healthy. Through her life journey to becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist, she was able to do her own work of becoming a healthier individual in order to build stronger relationships.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she specializes in helping individuals work through stress, anxiety and depression, cope in the dating world and in their friendships. She supports couples who seek premarital counseling to build a safe place and discuss sensitive matters that can potentially avoid pitfalls in managing family, finances, parenting expectations and more. She supports couples who have been married and may be in need of a tune-up, or find themselves missing the love and connection that they once had to the point of contemplating divorce. She also specializes in working with families dealing with life transitions, parenting concerns; separated or divorced couples who want to learn how to co-parent, or who want to build a stronger relationship with their child (ren).

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Professional and Educational Background

Her journey began in research, and for half a decade she developed important corporate relationships as a medium for supporting HIV/AIDS clinical trials, in order to improve public health worldwide. In her quest for greater connectedness, her career change evolved for more than a decade in the Human Resources field. In that role, Vanessa developed and mastered relationships with not only the individuals that she supported, but as well as collaborating with various groups and organizations that support the community. Having done so, she is better equipped to understand the various aspects that so often impact us on a systemic level which encompasses healthy relationships as we strive for work-life balance.

Vanessa received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Bowie State University, and a Master of Arts Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pfeiffer University. She is a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator, an evidence-based program that fosters the growth of healthy and strong relationships. She is a member of Pfeiffer University’s Alumni Association, and a proud member of the Delta Kappa International Marriage and Family Therapy Honor Society.

Philosophy and Advocacy

She is a member of the Domestic Violence Advocacy Council (DVAC), serving as a champion for survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV). With extensive training from the Shelter for Battered Women (Safe Alliance), she provides a safe place for clients who seek support, guidance and compassion, while providing therapeutic services for trauma, teaching invaluable coping skills in order to rebuild their lives. She is extremely passionate about promoting and furthering public awareness of good mental health practices.

The birth of Kindling House Psychotherapy came as a direct result of that passion as she believes in empowering strong and healthy individuals, couples and families who will in turn be able to create and maintain strong communities quintessential to our world.