The fall is absolutely one my favorite seasons. This time of year brings about cooler air, beautiful foliage, and a sense of calm and peace—as we prepare to enter into the holiday season. To prepare for this season, I decided that I would clean up our patio area, specifically our fire pit in order for our family to spend some time outdoors. As I began working I was reminded of one essential element we will need to keep us warm while the air outside turns colder and that is fire. Fire is essential, isn’t it!? We need it to not only stay warm, but we can also use it to cook our wonderful s’mores, warm up our hot chocolate, and enjoy other family activities.

While fire is an important resource, it requires specific components for it to be just that—fire. Take the fire pit, for example. We need to have logs, kindling and a match; various materials that have to work together to create this wonderful resource.

Much like fire is an essential resource for us, as human beings, we serve as essential resources to our loved ones and those in our community. This time of year, most of us will be busy preparing to cook meals, inviting loved ones over to share quality time, shopping for gifts, or just calling to say “hi, I was thinking of you”—all to bring good cheer and be that essential resource for those closest to us. Conversely, I am reminded that others are not so fortunate. For one reason or another, they are not able to participate in the rituals of holiday preparations. They are not able to be the essential resource that their loved ones need.

So, I wonder how those of us who are able and fortunate can serve as various components to help another become an essential resource for their loved ones. Much like the fire pit, we each can serve as a log, kindling and even a match to strike the potential that is within a neighbor or a stranger, to light their fire.

Remember, it doesn’t always require a financial contribution! Helping another light their fire can be a warm smile, a “hello, how are you?”, sharing some canned goods, combining our abilities with another person or organization to help ignite fires all over our community and our world.
This is my call to action. In this season of Thanksgiving, turkey eating and gift sharing, think of a way unique to you, that can be a blessing to another by kindling their fire.