We all need others to thrive, to flourish and grow. We are social beings that are constantly searching for relationships that provide warmth, support, love and acceptance…whether we readily admit it or not. And, where to better develop those types of relationships than in our own families. The family unit is one of the greatest gifts human beings have. It is in that very system that we learn the importance of trust, open communication, respect and belonging. The family system brings us a sort of comfort, protection, joy and strength that, by ourselves, we cannot procure. It is from our family that we learn shared values and receive the guidance and influences that we in turn take into other relationships.

While the gift of family can be God-sent, navigating its complexities and neglecting unmet or unidentified needs to maintain the health and strength of those relationships can be daunting and frustrating. So, that complexity deepens cut-off or estranged relationships. However, therapy can help members of the family system to start healing unidentified wounds by de-escalating conflict, increase assertive communication, establish healthy boundaries and develop their existing strengths and resilience.

Our family therapy is designed to provide the strong foundation that families need to help them build relationships that are supportive, loving and accepting. Our method of working with families is based on systems theory which recognizes multiple perspectives and the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That simply means, we tend to, by nature, have limited perspectives based on our individual direct experiences and focus on what is only important to us. As such, we specialize in helping the parts of families to appreciate each other’s perspective and learn to develop the ability to come together by maximizing those individual perspectives and creating a cohesive whole.

Some of the areas we’ll address include:

Effective communication
Parenting education
Life transitions
Setting boundaries
Conflict resolution
And much more!