What does the word relationship mean to you? What would a healthy relationship look like to you? Why is a healthy relationship important? Whether in a current relationship, or hoping to become involved in one, those are but some of the questions that we need to consider. Yet, many of us do not. Some of us either were not taught to identify key components of healthy relationships, or we just have not paid attention to the many signs and symptoms that accompany a dysfunctional one, or…we are just too afraid to act.

As a result, we end up in relationships that leave us feeling drained and with no energy, we lose our own identity because we allow ourselves to become dependent, limited and isolated. By the time we realize it we find ourselves addicted to the relationship or the person and so we begin to accept the love that they give us and the way that they treat us because, well, we believe that’s what we deserve.

Our individual therapy is designed to give you the strong foundation that you need to help you develop a sense of worthiness and self-awareness, and build your self-esteem and confidence. We believe that you already have it in you to kindle the fire that you need to kick-start the work, but sometimes it’s a bit difficult to do it alone. We are here to assist in your journey towards becoming a healthier you; thereby building a healthier relationship. We will help you identify your strengths and values and we’ll face together areas that may prove to be difficult and destructive as you work towards your goals.

Some of the areas we’ll address include:

Identifying Values
Elements of healthy relationships
Stress management
Setting boundaries
Signs and symptoms of dysfunctional relationships
Family/peer relationships
And much more!